Steal These 22+ Niche Website Ideas That Make Money In 2022

There are serious riches in the niches. I’ve dug into dozens of websites, with just one owner, making $10,000+ per month by creating awesome content in one specific niche.

So if you’re stuck coming up with an idea, even after reading my guide to nailing the perfect idea, it happens. Just like writer’s block, there’s entrepreneur’s block.

Let’s unblock your mind by going through 22+ niche ideas that have a clear path to profitability.

Use these ideas as a brainstorming session. Which ones stand out as interesting? Which do you feel passionate about? How can you take the idea and make it your own?

Once you land on the right idea for you, my Complete Guide To Building A Profitable Website will be waiting to take you through all the steps to get up and running, creating high value content, and bringing in eyeballs and revenue.

I’ll start with the general category but then help you see the infinite niche possibilities under it.

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What Makes A Niche A Good Idea?

There are billions of people on the Internet today. No matter what thought, choice, passion, hobby, or idea you can think of, a whole lot of other people share it. The deeper you go when it comes to creating content, the more devout and passionate your audience will be.

Imagine that you’ve built a tool that fixes a specific problem that Jeep Cherokees perpetually face. If you stand on a street corner and scream about your product, your message will be lost. But if you take your product to a Jeep dealership, you’re probably going to sell it.

Niches fast track you to reaching the right people much faster. And the right people will love you for it. Let’s get into some specific ideas.


Yes, there are thousands of recipe websites. But a whole lot of them are wildly successful because, to no one’s surprise, people love food.

The key is not to try to post a recipe for everything you could possibly eat. That’s far too wide of an audience. So go niche and focus on a type of food, a type of person, or even a cooking strategy.

All things chicken. Come up with 300 different ways you can use chicken to make an epic meal.

Focus on only desserts. Cater to the plethora of people with sweet tooths who can’t get enough.

Write articles about the best recipes for children. Children with certain conditions, children who are picky eaters, children who are just beginning to eat. Share recipes that mom can make with her children.

Turn your specific cooking passion into a money-maker. Everyone wins.

Home & Garden

To nobody’s surprise, our homes are pretty important to us. They’re literally our homes, and we stare at them all the time. This continuous staring makes us dream about what we can change, add, or otherwise renovate.

My mom moves her furniture around at least twice a month. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I fully believe it’s due to getting bored with staring at the same arrangement.

When people care about something as much as their homes, they start looking online for ideas. DIY renovations are huge. Heck, Pinterest basically exists because of this very “problem.”

I wrote an article about Epic Gardening you should check out. The founder, Kevin, took the simple notion of teaching people how to do basic gardening, and now he owns a multi million dollar website.

Start small and focus on the part of the home you actually love to renovate, think about, and talk about. That’s a business idea.


As a new father, I can finally confirm what I’ve always heard: when you become a parent, there’s literally nothing more important. And when you’re going into a business, that means the parenting niche is nothing short of perfect.

New parents are scared, tired, don’t want to mess up, will spend any amount and do anything to make their children happy and healthy. I’m not suggesting you prey on them (me), but it is the perfect customer.

A few niche ideas that have massive amounts of potential readers:

  • Twin parents
  • Becoming parents for the first time at 40 (hi)
  • Becoming a parent at a young age
  • Parenting in unorthodox family situations
  • Raising a child when you work all the time
  • Parenting as a Christian, Muslim, etc

The list goes on forever, and each idea has thousands – if not millions – of potential passionate readers.

Personal Finance

The finance niche is extremely profitable. For that reason, it’s also really hard to crack and get quality traffic. Investopedia, NerdWallet, Motley Fool, and others have been around for over a decade. There’s almost no way you’re going to unseat them, so how do you niche-ify it?

Zoom in. Specialize in living on a budget or, even, a certain type of person (college student?) living on a budget.

Don’t make a website about “investments,” but are you a weirdo who is obsessed with EFTs? Exclusively cover them in a way nobody else is covering them.

Humblebrag incoming… there are pretty much no websites for high earning individuals and how they should be thinking about their financial status and what to do with it. I’ve looked. There’s really nothing worthy, so go do that and let me know.


Much like finance, fitness is a very lucrative – and competitive – industry. Whether you find it unfortunate or not from a moral standpoint, superficiality is what our society is all about. People want to be attractive, strong, and impressive (at least in their own minds).

Trying to compete in the overarching “fitness” is nearly impossible, but you can carve out a niche. There are a variety of ways to stay fit, reasons people stay fit, and products that help people stay fit. Which one speaks to you?

  • Are you an avid cyclist? Start a cycling site.
  • Do you do CrossFit? Start a niche CrossFit site that covers a unique perspective. I have no idea if CrossFit has an affiliate program, but you’d probably crush it.
  • What about overweight people who want to work out? A site outline approaching ways obese people can work out effectively.
  • The science behind all the types of working out would be massively interesting and helpful.

The point here – and in this entire article – is that you need to find the specific angle that speaks to you, and then own that corner of the market.


Alternative lifestyles are becoming increasingly common as people become more flexible and open minded. Do you live an unorthodox life? Do you subscribe to minimalism? Or a holistic life?

What I love about this idea is that people can literally live their particular lifestyle even better by having a website about said lifestyle. Whoa.

Have you ever come across a website all about RV Living? Most of the time the person behind the site is living in an RV. That, to me, is the ultimate freedom and business.

Create a website that is about exactly what you are or want to be. The authentic content will speak volumes and the visitors will come.


It’s not for everybody, but spirituality and religion can breed incredible business opportunities. Why? Because people are extremely loyal to their beliefs.

Sadly, that’s precisely why “prosperity gospel” pastors and other disgusting predators take advantage of believers all in the name of God. Don’t be that person.

But if a belief is personal to you, and it’s a part of you, why not share your perspectives and helpful ways of thinking with similar people? As I’ve written about many times on this site, I grew up a Christian and my father is a part-time pastor. That ultimately led me to creating GodVine, but I had no interest in sharing sermons and doctrine.

I focused on the light, positive part of Christianity. The one that says to love each other and embrace the world. It worked out well and it gave a lot of Christians a supplemental source of happiness. I literally received hand-written cards in the mail thanking me.

Sports Teams

If you’re anything like my friends, not much is more important to you than sports. Devout fans of any sports team are basically a cult. They cannot ever devour enough information about their team: news, rumors, unique perspectives, statistics, everything.

While sports are dominated by ESPN, the leagues’ official resources, and other high profile media, there’s room for niche sites. Outside the box commentary, an aggregation of rumors and news (with a daily email would be great), and even covering games in a way traditional outlets don’t.

It’s a tough niche to crack, but if you find your own distinct voice in the sports realm, fans will devour it.


If you love (or even remotely care about) your hometown or a vacation destination you can’t get enough of, then build the greatest resource on the web for that place. You’ll never compete with TripAdvisor, OnlyInYourstate, or Yelp, but laser focus your efforts on obscurity and interesting things only a “boots on the ground” person could cover.

Build an “underground” information site and go in-depth. Is there a secret dish at your favorite spot? Where can you go to escape all tourists? Who is the guy in town everyone knows and what’s his story?

Once you build the greatest resource that speaks authenticity, there are no shortage of monetization opportunities. Local businesses, merchandise, etc.


My wife loves pottery. She has a wheel, kiln, and way too much clay strewn all around her studio like she purposely threw it around. But I love it, and she’s really talented even in her limited time doing it. And no, she will never read this, so I’m not looking for brownie points…

But I do constantly encourage her to build a supplemental niche site all about it. Hobbies breed passion and passion breeds authenticity and authenticity breeds revenue.

Whether you love hiking, archery, swimming, writing, reading, or literally anything, you can build a profitable business about it. The smaller the niche, the easier to stand out.

The beauty of the Internet is that there’s no shortage of people who like exactly what you like, even if it’s rare. Oftentimes, the tighter the group, the more lucrative the opportunity.


Whatever you do, don’t try to start a website about all pets. It’s way too difficult. But who of us really cares about all pets anyway? I don’t care about pet snakes, iguanas, or hamsters. I’m boring and pretty much just love dogs.

But so many people don’t just love “dogs” even. They love a specific breed of dog. The more specific your focus, much like all the other ideas here, the better chance you’ll have to become the definitive, best source on the web. Here are some pets that have plenty of lovers who have no shortage of money they’ll spend on them:

  • Ferrets
  • Miniature pigs
  • Hairless cats
  • Birds
  • Disabled dogs
  • Yorkies

The list goes on forever. If you love a very specific type of pet or animal, go make your website. All of those people who have the same animal love it just like you love yours, which means y’ll show up… along with their money.


Yet another incredibly competitive market, and for the same reasons, beauty has created some of the wealthiest people in the world. However, I know for a fact you can still build successful websites in the beauty niche because I’ve seen dozens of them.

One that stands out was completely dedicated to short hairstyles. That’s it. The content was kinda garbage, but it worked really well. It’s the kind of site that, at this point, has probably been hammered by the Google algorithm for not being high quality content. But the idea is great.

Chopping your hair off is a huge decision. People will research everything about it before they do it: styles, possible regrets, reasons why, specific products, and so on.

While I’ve never built any business myself in the beauty category, if you locked me in a basement and told me I couldn’t leave until I built one to $10,000 per month, I’d focus on rural men. Much like myself, they haven’t really cared about their fashion, but that’s changing all the time.

Much like girls in Los Angeles have mastered the art of “looking cute like you just don’t care,” more men want to externalize their rugged interior in an outward way.


You can’t be on the Internet for 5 minutes without running into a business focused on technology, but there are still untapped opportunities. It’s a very wide range of topics, so focus on the one you love and crush it.

  • Building robots?
  • Virtual reality?
  • Smart home features?
  • Coding?

I’ve actually wanted to create the ultimate resource website for virtual and augmented reality for a while. With Zuckerberg and company essentially forcing it on the world through billions of dollars, it’s coming. It’ll be here. Who will be positioned best to make millions off of it? Probably not me, so go ahead and steal that.

Technology is everywhere around you. If you love a certain part of it, turn it into a website. As an added bonus, the affiliate income opportunities in this field are enormous.

Video Games

A couple of months ago, I was approached by the owner of a video game website to see if I wanted to purchase it. It was making around $5,000 per month in profit… off of one very specific thing.

He had written the best, in-depth, and clear guides on literally everything about one particular game. That’s it.

I wasn’t interested because there’s the inherent problem that the game will become less popular and the business will fade. But it’s a repeatable idea. You could create the ultimate guides in another game, then another, and snowball. The old guides will get fading traffic, but it will snowball overall.

Another idea under video games would be to focus on retro games or virtual reality games.

A long time ago, I attempted to compete with IGN. I was young and stupid, but I quickly learned that was actually impossible. IGN has a massive staff and gets everything early. Don’t try to compete with the big boys. Carve out a specific niche with your voice. It’ll shine.

Website Ideas To Avoid

A lot of people have made a lot of money in the following niches, but my advice is to stay away from them.

  • Medical: unless you have a doctorate in the field, I wouldn’t go near medical content. Not only do you face potential lawsuits, but you could give advice that literally kills someone.
  • Political: the tech giants are increasingly squashing these because they’re too hard to moderate. Also, they’re just kinda gross.
  • Legal: unless you’re an attorney, don’t try to give legal advice. Ironically, you’re inviting lawsuits. Kinda poetic.
  • Broad topics: it goes without saying at this point in the article, but keep it niche. It’s too hard to compete when you start out broadly. You can expand later.
  • Anything illegal: this is obvious.


Choosing a topic that people deeply care about – and then going deeper – is a proven way to make money with a content website. When you cover a specific subject in an authoritative, in-depth, and honest way, you’re going to blow away the rest of the same content floating around the Web.

And by applying the practices in my guides, you’ll be on your way to success.

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