Why Turning Your Knowledge Into A Profitable Business Is Just The Right Thing To Do

Everybody has something they know a lot about. Even if you’re a couch potato who watches 12 hours of television every day, you know more than most people about which shows are new, which actors are in what, and generally what is worth watching.

There’s a far too common misconception among aspiring website owners that they need to be an expert to get started. They need the proper education to be seen as an authority on a subject, and nobody is going to listen to them.

Not only is this untrue, but after building multiple sites, I believe the opposite is literally true. People like amateurs and they enjoy learning with you through your unique perspective. There’s a reason students are generally bored with their teachers. It’s not the dynamic that keeps them entertained while learning.

There are 3 main reasons why I believe you’re doing a massive disservice by leaving everything you know locked inside your head.

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It Makes The World A Better Place

Go to any social media platform you’d like and look around. Mostly, it’s shallow garbage created to get a quick like by making you feel something that will go away in a few seconds. There’s nothing wrong with that, but with the rise of TikTok and Zuckerberg’s resulting decision to copy them, the Web is becoming a much dumber place.

I have had this impossible vision in my mind for years: if everyone put forth all of the knowledge and experiences of their lives into a format meant to help other people, the world would exponentially improve.

It would be like taking the blessings of Wikipedia and multiplying it infinitely.

By taking your passion and your knowledge, and turning it into an actual business, you’re helping people and making the world that much better. You owe it to your legacy.

Your Personal Development Will Thrive

When you start to turn the topics you know the most about into a business, it basically fast tracks you to becoming an actual authority on said topic.

For example, when I started this site you’re on right now, I did so with the understanding that, while I’ve had multiple successful sites, I’ve never taught others how to do it. But each morning, I’m waking up and writing. Through that writing, I’m researching and learning, which is having positive impacts on my personal development.

I’m feeling further in-tune with the message I want to convey all the while adding to my knowledge of building profitable websites, which will eventually lead to a new income stream.

Writing is often referred to as a form of therapy. It’s not just good for the mind, but it’s good for the bank account if you follow my guides.

You Will Control Your Time

Working for someone else sucks. I know lots of people disagree, and that’s probably a good thing because we can’t all be business owners. But what really sucks about working for someone else is really just that they own your time.

Time is the most valuable currency you’ll ever have, and it’s in a constant deflationary state. Why give it to someone else?

By fully embracing a topic you love and turning it into a real, amazing business, you will eventually work for yourself and own your time again. And there’s no greater way to live than with true, genuine freedom.

How To Get Started

In case you’re new here, the bread and butter of my website is my Complete Guide To Building A Profitable Website. I spent months writing them, they’re absolutely free, and they outline everything you need to get started on your own quest. From finding the right idea to maximizing your revenue, it’s all in there.

So don’t do me, the world, or yourself a disservice. Unlock your unique knowledge and turn it into a business.

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Scott DeLong

I'm an introvert who has built and sold multiple companies for millions of dollars - without funding or employees. I've been featured in BusinessWeek, Business Insider, Fortune, Inc, and more. I hope you find my site helpful to your own entrepreneurial journey.