Tools And Services I Personally Use And Recommend

Every tool and service I use is listed on this page. There is absolutely nothing here that I don’t actively use and, therefore, highly recommend.

Some of these are affiliate links, which means I make money if you sign up. It doesn’t cost you anything and I appreciate it.

Web Hosting

Pressable homepage

I’ve used a scary amount of hosting companies. And I’m really good at picking bad ones.

But ever since going with Pressable, I’ve never been happier, my sites have never been faster, and the entire process has never been easier.

Not only was Pressable built specifically for WordPress sites, the company behind WordPress itself – Automattic – acquired them. So they were clearly doing something right.

There are probably plenty of great WordPress hosts, but Pressable does everything right and their support is literally always on the case right away in the rare moments I need help.

Get 15% off of your first month by using code PRESS15 at checkout.

Domain Registrar

Namecheap homepage

One of the best decisions I made was finally leaving GoDaddy. There’s no reason to go into detail, but I found a home for all of my domains at NameCheap.

The prices are great, the support is solid, and the interface is straightforward.

Also, it seems like they’ve always got a really good deal.

Get your first .com for just $6.98 the first year.

WordPress Theme

GeneratePress homepage

I have installed hundreds of WordPress themes over the years. There are plenty of good ones, but there are a lot more bad ones.

I cannot count the number of times I’ve been sold on a theme (even bought it), installed it, and I’m uninstalling it 10 minutes later.

Another common problem in WP themes is bloat and unnecessary features. A lot of developers are not really marketers, SEOs, or publishers, so they just jam pack a theme full of every bell and whistle under the sun.

The result is usually a mess. Fortunately, a few themes have gotten it right.

Disclaimer: you really, really should read the documentation and watch some YouTube videos first, but, for me, the winner is clear:

GeneratePress (which this site is built on) is fantastic. Once you understand it, there’s virtually nothing you can’t do. And if you care about things like Google Pagespeed, it’s one of the only themes that can get a 100 score.

Get GeneratePress here.

AI Writing Tool

Jasper homepage

While I haven’t tried them all, there’s certainly some use to trying out Jasper AI.

The interface is slick, the features are abundant, and, if you take an hour or so to understand how to use it properly, it can generate a lot of unique, solid content.

Think of it as a tool to build the foundation of your article. Then you add the human element.

Get the Jasper AI Free Trial and see for yourself.


This page is an ongoing work in progress. I’ll add everything I personally use here.